Soups, ReinventeD



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Once upon a time, we made Vegan Soups. 

Soups harvest the power of nature.
They are nutritionally genius, but from humble origins. 

Challenge your preconceptions. Taste the powerhouse of all vegan juices and home made remedies. It is nutritional minimalism at its best. Your body deserves it.

Food with meaning.

Grandma had it right




DEAR FOODIES, Spooned Restaurants offer you a selection of the most DELICIOUS recipes!

The keywords of Spooned Restaurants: QUALITY, HEALTHY and HOMEMADE. We keep these commitments every day in order to provide the healthiest diet possible in the heart of our Restaurants. Our dishes are NATURAL, HEALTHY and DETOX. Our meals are made of FRESH and ORGANIC PRODUCTS. With our salads, soups, tartines and quiches full of great foods, eating becomes a wellness cure! Your body deserves it.

Spooned offers tasty and HEALTHY VEGAN SOUPS, which brings simplicity back to the fore; even if you are a fierce opponent of soups, you will find your HAPPINESS here! 

Hot or cold, the creations of our chefs harvest the power of nature: they are nutritionally genius, but from humble origins. It is nutritional minimalism at its BEST




Let yourself be tempted with a wide range of meals that will delight your taste buds, with always this same requirement of quality and meticulously selected ingredients from our local's producers. 


Spooned, it is also gastronomic recipes that you can customize freely: add vegetables, fruits, herbs, seeds, cheeses, chicken, or bacon of your choice ... without limit. Every day, reinvent your meal! 


At Spooned Restaurants, flavors and delicacies are waiting for you!